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For several years, Work Rest Play have been advising, consulting and collaborating with libraries, librarians and architects to supply and install stunning library environments.  Our knowledge and expertise has allowed us to forge excellent relationships with countless libraries throughout the UK and Ireland.

Throughout this time we have noticed that the needs, requirements and desires of libraries and their users have evolved and changed.  Several reasons can be associated with the changes which have occurred in the library environment such as the emergence and advancement of technology and a greater need for a social aspect.

The Traditional Library

In times gone by libraries were often perceived and possibly misconceived as quiet, old fashioned places which are visited by people for the sole purpose of reading or study.

The appearance, both exterior and interior, of a number of libraries certainly adds credence to these perceptions.  For example, as you can see above the beautiful Belfast Central Library is very much a traditional building while the interior of several libraries is akin to that of New Providence, NJ.

These traditional appearances serve the purposes of libraries very effectively; to a point.  It is argued that in the 21st century that libraries should have a more modern and contemporary feel maybe even to the extent of a coffee shop vibe.

The Modern Library

Libraries which enhance the community, provide social interaction, have a welcoming and inviting feel, incorporate the latest technological advances and are places people can visit to carry out other activities as well as reading.  This is the remit of the modern library.

Some have gone as far as to say that libraries should be comparable to coffee shops in terms of their facilities and vibe.

Modern library architecture is reaching ground breaking levels on a yearly basis as you can see from the latest library designed in Calgary. 

Wexford Library is a fine example of a library which maintains a focus on reading while enhancing the user’s expereience through modern, contemporary and technologically advanced surroundings.

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