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There are few better things in life than being able to combine that which people need with that which they want.  In the main, these things in life are kept parallel due to the fact often that which is necessary is not always that interesting.  In years gone by this could be said about furniture, it is a necessary commodity which enables us to live our lives in relative comfort, comfortable but not always that appealing.

Luckily, the 21st century has seen an evolution in the furniture industry with a contextual crossover between what is needed and what is desired.  Furniture these days is not only practical and functional but also innovative, creative and fun, it is used as an expression of identity, ingenuity and integrity.  Furniture is now used to make a statement and to invite and welcome people into a space, area or building which would otherwise be without identity.

Over the years, Work Rest Play Interiors have been amongst the first companies to bring new, exciting and cutting edge furniture to the British and Irish market, we fully invest in our motto of creating inspirational spaces.  We work with our clients to identify what they need, what they want and what we can do for them and then provide an integration of all factors.

We supply furniture which is not only aesthetically appealing and innovative but also furniture which does not compromise on funcationality, but actually enhances it.  This helps to create areas, for example, which encourage social engagement, collaboration or private working and many more aspects of working and social life.

Fun & Functional TOP 10:

Lobby – Recent Installation at Fingal County Council

10. Lobby

Lobby is a multi-faceted modular seating system which is available in a range of configurations and a wide range of colours.  We have installed Lobby in places such as Fingal County Council to create welcoming, invitng spaces which encourage user engagement and help people to socialise and work in comfort.

Harc Sofa & Chairs

9. Harc

As far as high quality sofas and chairs go, you will not get much better than Harc, extremely well made, this contemporary, striking range adds aesthetic and functional value to any and all environments.  Harc contributes to a welcoming and inviting space.

Shapes | Versatile Poufs

8. Shapes

Shapes is a high quality and versatile range of seats and poufs which are available in a wide range of (yes you guessed it) shapes and colours.  Shapes have been used by Work Rest Play to great effect in a number of projects to help create an environment which is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and has a fun side.

Electric Height Adjustable Desk

7. Height Adjustable Desk

You may think it is hard to make a desk interesting or fun but you would be wrong! One sure fire way of doing so is to make it an electric desk.  A simple up and down switch located at the edge of the desk allows users to alter the height of the desk to a wide variation of heights in a number of seconds. This is not only a central feature in an office but also contributes to healthy working, an area of which we are big advocates.

Den Zig-Zag

6. Den Zig Zag Acoustic Pods

Den serves a number of purposes, dependent on the configuration Den either encourages individual work or encourages collaboration.  Den also helps to create unique office layouts and spaces which help users in a number of ways and is available in a range of colours and configurations.  Work Rest Play have installed Den in a number of places including libraries and offices.

HotBox | Must have office accessory

5. HotBox

Hotbox is the ultimate office accessory, it’s multi-functional, aesthetic and appealing nature have made it desirable for a large number of companies, big and small.  Hotbox is available in a wide range of colours and can also have bespoke patterns and symbols emblazoned on the fabric cover.  Hotbox provides storage and display facilities for a range of office items as well as easy transfer of office items from one location to another.

Functional end panels with integrated technology

4. Innovative Shelving

As Library Specialists we provide a wide range of innovative, functional and stunning shelving options such as functional end panels with integrated technology.  Shelving has evolved and the range of purposes which shelving now serves has grown exponentially.  Storage, display and easy access have been joined by technology, graphics and much more.  Our modern shelving has helped to create stunning libraries throughout the UK & Ireland.

Integrated wireless charging

3. Aircharge

One of our most popular accessories for offices and social spaces is the aircharge, this fantastic device allows for wireless charging and can be integrated into a number of items and surfaces including desks, sofas, benches and many more.  There are few things more irritating than your phone losing battery and this innovative feature helps to negate this problem, making spaces more appealing for users.

Tryst Media Booth

2. Tryst

In terms of modern and innovative furniture, the Tryst Media Booth is an all encompassing masterstroke.  Available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and finishes the Tryst Media Booth combines contemporary seating with integrated desking and technology allowing and encouraging socialising, collaborating and engagement.  Tryst is a prime example of the way in which modern spaces are going, more and more places are using furniture like Tryst to create innovative, fun and functional places.

Cocoon Gaming Lounge

  1. Cocoon

Cocoon Lounge is one of the latest products from Work Rest Play and as you can see from above, it is a magnificent sight.  Cocoon Lounge is, in essence, a room within a room which allows occupants and users to get lost in whatever function they are using.. available as a Gaming Lounge, Kid’s Lounge, Working Lounge or Computer Lounge.  Cocoon Lounge comes in a variety of colours, with storage and display capability as well as integrated tecnology, bespoke graphics are also available.


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