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Cocoon Lounge

Flexible, innovative and diverse, the Cocoon Lounge adds fun, creativity and technology to your library space.  Available as a Gaming, Media or Work lounge it can be tailored to you requirements and provides users with a place to escape, study or focus.

Case Study: Ashbourne Library, Co. Meath

Engaging, innovative and multi-functional, the Cocoon Gaming Lounge was installed in the wonderful Ashbourne Library in Co. Meath last year.  An immersive escape for teenagers, Cocoon also offers excellent storage and display options.

Cocoon Modular Series

The Cocoon Modular Series is a wonderfully diverse range of innovative units that can be either horizontal or vertical.  The modules can be combined and arranged to suit the needs of your space.


Cocoon Gaming

Gaming, playing and socialising in style and comfort.

Cocoon Working

Ideal for meetings, collaboration and group work.

Cocoon Media

Embracing technology in a semi-private space.

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