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True Innovation

In a world full of new ideas and concepts does innovation thrive or become stifled?

Is a different way of doing things necessarily better or is it just a different way of doing things?

Every day we are bombarded with new products, new services and new ideas many of which are a rebrand or reformat of the same facets of our lives we have been familiar with for years.  Some of these ideas are revoluntionary and add value to the lives of those involved, others simply do not.

What can not be doubted is that the best way to improve our lives at work, home and in society is through true innovation, ideas which truly make a difference to our lives.  The problem is identifying which ideas can be classed as truly innovative.

Work Rest Play are working hard to bridge the gap between furniture & technology

Whether it is innovation in design, conceptual innovation or the amalgamation of seperate components Work Rest Play have a real passion for true innovation.  We are committed to long term innovation of our two main areas of interest: furniture and technology.

For years, we have brought the most innovative furniture to the Irish and British market in terms of design, performance and ergomonics and we will conntinue to do so.  Furniture which is comfortable, stunning, health oriented and makes working and social lives better.

State of the art integrated technology and social settings
In more recent times, we have also become focused on the integration of technology, IT accessories and the concept of collaboration as a tool for progression.  The importance of these areas for universites, libraries, organisations and social arenas can not be understated.  The integration of technology with furniture will:
  • Create savings for institutions.
  • Have short and long term health benefits for users.
  • Encourage collaboration.
  • Create social hubs and state of the art facilities.

People now expect more from public institutions and organisations, more than ever before.  Offering the basic requirements is no longer feasible, institutions have to be all encompassing or they will not thrive.

Work Rest Play
Work Rest Play
Work Rest Play are interiors specialists, we supply, deliver and install high quality furniture to commercial and domestic markets in the UK, Ireland and beyond.
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