This Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Work…

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Working Safely & Effectively

Whether you are working from home or back in the office, the most important factors are working safely and working productively.  At Work Rest Play we provide a range of products that allow you to do just that. 

Working from Home

HomeFit is the idea solution for those of us still working from home. A modern storage unit that easily manoeuvres into a height adjustable and modern desking solution, that complements any living space.

Safer Office Spaces

Protek Desk Screens are the perfect way to get back to the office safely and effectively. Available in a range of shapes and sizes as well as floor standing options, they encourage and allow social distancing.

Flexible Working Solutions

Creating breakout spaces and flexible areas for staff to work, relax and collaborate in is a key component of returning to work safely. Muse (pictured left) is one example of our statement seating that facilitates this.

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