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Protection against virus and bacteria…

With the global spread of Covid-19, hygiene measures and bacteria control have never been more important. This guide offers recommendations on how to clean and disinfect Forma 5 fabrics to reduce the risk of infection and minimise the spread of the virus.

Importance of a Routine

How to handle contaminated furniture

If you are concerned about potential contamination of furniture with Covid-19, please follow the recommendations below:

• Always comply with local government guidelines
• Do not use the furniture for at least 48 hours and/or disinfect the fabric

Do not use the furniture

Research indicates that the virus that causes Covid-19 is viable on surfaces for up to 48 hours in a normal and dry indoor environment. The exact life span of the coronavirus on surfaces is, however, still a matter of debate, and local authorities provide different answers. Consequently, we advise you to check and follow local government guidelines in your country, state or region.

Disinfect the furniture

Forma 5 offers the following recommendations on how to clean contaminated furniture fabrics and how to prevent virus and bacteria.

Mental and Physical Health...

Polyester fabrics

Disinfect Forma 5 polyester fabrics with ethanol to effectively destroy virus and bacteria. Clean and wash Forma 5 polyester fabrics with soap and water. To eliminate virus and bacteria, the majority of Forma 5 polyester fabrics are washable at 74 Celsius.

Wool fabrics

In case of contamination, furniture upholstered with Forma 5 wool fabrics should preferably be left unused for a minimum of 48 hours. If this is not an option, Forma 5 wool fabrics can be disinfected with ethanol.

Disinfecting wool fabrics with ethanol will, however, strip the wool of lanolin and may cause colour changes and reduce the lifetime of the fabric. Consequently, this method should only be applied if there are no other alternatives.

Please note, that the above recommendations are not health authority guidelines.

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