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Contemporary & Flexible Furniture 

Modern furniture solutions don’t have to be either practical or stunning, at Work Rest Play we pride ourselves on providing solutions that are both.  We specialise in supplying high quality, multi-purpose furniture.



Creating spaces which facilitate and encourage collaboration in the workplace are crucial for productivity and creativity.  Our range of booths and pods can be created to suit your space with options for colour, size, technology and much more.



In busy office or social spaces, it is essential we have spaces that offer respite and privacy from the atmosphere outside. Our range of acoustic booths, pods and phonebooths are perfect for the job.

Office Solutions

Office Solutions

From desking and bench solutions to task seating, storage and acoustic options, we have an extensive range of modern office furniture ideal for busy office environments.

Soft Seating

Soft Seating

High quality, high comfort and high flexibility, we have the most stunning soft seating solutions such as the Nevada (pictured above). Available in range of colours, fabrics and configurations.

Stacking Chairs Statement Seating Breakout Seating

Stacking Chairs

High density chairs available in plastic, wood and with upholstery options.

Statement Seating

High quality stunning seating solutions for office, education and breakout spaces.

Breakout Seating

Comfortable and creative seating for reception, breakout and social settings.

Acoustics Graphics Lockers


From ceiling tiles to fabricks walls, desk screens to wall options, we have it all.


Bespoke solutions available in a range of sizes on a variety of surfaces.


Multiple locker solutions that offers a range of secure and flexible storage.

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