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Introducing Verandas…

Verandas is an engineered architectural room system that is sustainable, incorporates design flexibility and is created for the future.
Materials have been sourced carefully and innovation has been applied to create unique and patented sustainable solutions.

Engineered Architectural Room System

Engineered Architectural Room System…

Verandas provides a highly flexible, sustainable and design-focussed solution. Constructed in a highly adaptable and modular way of creating space division, collaborative and social settings, as well as incorporating accessories and customization.

High levels of modularity mean each room variant can be dismantled and rebuilt with ease and at high speed. The entire assembly process can be completed using only hand tools.

Key Benefits of Modular Plug and Play Construction

Key Benefits of Modular Plug and Play Construction

• Clean and sustainable
• Modular ‘kit-of-parts’
• Flexibility to alter room style and use
• No need for multiple trades
• Makes MEP simple, especially for reconfiguration
• No mess when dismantling, unlike traditional partitioning

Flexible & Practical  Customisable Display Storage

Flexible & Practical

Offering practical and flexible spaces and options, Verandas is ideal for any space.


Create a solution in your size, colour, configuration and with your accessories.


Verandas offers many solutions for modern and innovative display and storage.

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