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Desktop Acoustic Screen…

This is a relevant solution that delivers acoustic comfort in busy households.  With 50-60% recycled plastic content, it is also 100% recyclable.  With a pinnable surface, it is also easy to assemble, slots together in seconds and packs flat for easy storage.

Desktop Acoustic Screen

Solutions for every Situation…

We offer a range of glazed screens to help separate working areas, acting as sneeze guards to shield against droplets without the feeling of being boxed in.  These can be maintained and wiped clean with usual disinfectant.

Solutions for every Situation...

Desk Screens

A diverse range of fabric, plastic and perspex screens for a variety of desking solutions.

Bench Screens

Configure our screens to suit your space.  We offer flexible and creative solutions for any space. 

Acoustic Booth

Individual pods that offer acoustic and physical protection, encouraging social distancing at work.

Desk Screens  Bench Screens  Acoustic Booths


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